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Why Platinum Social Club Stands Out

We are a family-oriented club. We promote family values, deep respect for one another, and provide support for all who need it. We differ from the other traditional clubs and associations because at Platinum, every member is treated as family. The pursuit of the "American Dream" has often distanced us from the promotion of our culture, tradition and heritage. It has become a huge challenge to raise children whose values are in line with the Igbo tradition and identity. One of Platinum's objectives is to reverse this course and impart on our children, as well as future generations of children, our customs and beliefs. We often get together to relax and ward off stress, but most especially, we are aware of who we are, where we come from, and where we are going.

Platinum provides financial benefit to members' families if there is sudden loss of life.

We will love to have you if you believe that all honor, glory and adoration belong to God who is the giver of life.

The Executive

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